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In forex trading, you need to rely on your forex trading tools to make informed decisions. These can be classified into tools and software for fundamental analysis, technical analysis and various calculators. You will find all the necessary forex trading tools to get started in the forex market. We will constantly add new tools to the repository over time to meet your needs. In the next few months we will be adding live charts, more information on automatic trading and calculators for technical analysis.

List of forex trading tools

Forex trading software

Software used in currency trading ranges from simple charts to advanced expert advisors are key forex trading tools. Find the best of all software available in the industry and our review about it. In addition to the benefits, we also highlight the risks involved in relying too much on software.

Currency converter

For those who have simple needs such as "knowing how much your money is worth" in another currency. This easy to use currency converter is intuitive. The currency values are based on daily exchange rates from central banks around the world. We support 30 currencies now!

Exchange rates

Find exchange rates snapshot of the 6 most widely used currencies in the world. The currency values are based on daily exchange rates from the central banks around the world. In the future we will be adding more currencies and targeting up to 30 within the next 3 months.

Economic calendar

Forex trading requires that you need both fundamental and technical analysis to make informed trade decisions.'s Economic Calendar is the ideal forex trading tool to perform your fundamental analysis which shows you ways to use information about macroeconomic events to your advantage in forex trading. It captures important events ranked by relevance, with mention to frequency of information release and comparison of actual value vs. estimated value (example GDP was estimated to be X, but is Y).

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